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"Synergism is the simultaneous actions
of separate entities which together
have greater total effect than the sum
of their individual effects."
Buchholz and Roth
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  Our Philosophy

We dare
. Since our inception, WebGate Technology vigorously drives its team to pursue the unfamiliar, to take risks, experiment, and run pilots. We have structured ourselves to relentlessly seek for projects that test our skill capacities and knowledge resource so we become more innovative and adaptive in our methodologies to deliver projects efficiently and dependably.

We care. American poet, Henry David Thoreau once said: “It is truly enough said, that a corporation has no conscience; but a corporation of conscientious men is a corporation with a conscience.” One of the tenets we hold dearly as an organization is that anyone can do business without necessarily resorting to evil and by just simply doing good is already good business.

Further, the web is an easily accessible domain that’s been increasingly abused like no other since its invention. And part of our contribution to the daunting effort to make a change in web publishing is to only accept projects that respect dignity of the people and the world we live. We only undertake truthful and objective web campaigns and reject those that promote pyramiding, pornography or sex, racism or religious or political indifference or anything that endangers the environment even if they are said to be “in the name of progress.”

We share. WebGate Technology heavily invests in the future. We entrust our future to the very same people who share our goals, beliefs and aspirations; to those who think that the web and new media are not just merely business tools but a catalyst to make a positive difference in the virtual community that is responsible, faithful and ethical in both conduct and information.

Toward this end, we are actively in search of talents who believe in our advocacy. We dedicate and offer our knowledge and skill resource freely to and with them to help make the web space a better place for everyone.



Vivien Cadungog
La Vienna Realty
- We wish that we had made a decision to go for a website earlier, because WebGate Tech was so great that it had beaten all of our most optimistic expectations. visit website

Arlene Woolbright
Bantigue Cove Resort & Dive Shop
- Our online booking soars up when we launched our new website. Thank you so much!  visit website


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